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Laser Procedures

Laser Hair removal safely performed by a Dermatologist

Vascular Laser (V-Beam)

The V-Beam (pulsed dye laser) laser is used to remove unwanted vessels on the face and body, as well as redness of the face associated with rosacea without scarring the skin. Pulsed Dye Lasers deliver an intense but gentle pulse of light into red or vascular areas of the skin. The light is absorbed by hemoglobin which rapidly heats the blood vessels and as a result causes the vessels to dissipate. Various characteristics determine how well lesions may respond to treatment including the color, duration and type of lesions, as well as the location on the body. More Information (PDF).



Hair Removal (GentleMax Pro)

The GentleMax Pro by Candela is the gold standard in laster hair removal for all skin types.

Advances in laser technology have now made it possible to achieve a visible reduction in unwanted hair. Boone Dermatology Clinic offers advanced laser technology to free you from painful and frequent methods of depilation. On average, after 5 to 7 laser sessions, you can achieve a significant reduction in hair growth, however, some patients may require more. 

Boone Dermatology Clinic uses Candela's GentleMax Pro which combines the largest spot size (treatment area covered with one laser pulse) with the most effective method of cooling the skin's surface to minimize discomfort. Unlike other lasers where the cooling tip is applied directly to the area, the GentleMax Pro Dynamic Cooling Device delivers a blast of cryogen before delivering the gentle beam of light (laser pulse at the site. 

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