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Plan Your Visit


If this will be your first visit to Boone Dermatology Clinic, you can streamline your check in process by printing the forms below and filling them out ahead of time. Please provide paperwork to the front desk upon arrival.



If you are an existing patient, please review your information within the Patient Portal.  Please make any necessary corrections to ensure accuracy and timely check-in. Please also print and fill out the return patient form below.


New Patients:

Please print and complete your paperwork using the link above. This will streamline the check in process and allow us to serve you quicker. If you are unable to access the link above, please plan to arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment and we will provide you the necessary forms. Please also familiarize yourself with our policies.

Established Patients:

Please review your information on our patient portal and make any necessary changes.  

All Patients Please Be Sure To Bring

Insurance Card
Photo Identification
Currrent Medications

ACNE PATIENTSMust bring all current medications with you to your visit.

Insurance Policy

Boone Dermatology Clinic accepts most forms of health insurance. However, due to the many different policies available today, it is up to the patient to determine if their procedure will be covered. This can be accomplished by contacting your insurance provider.

We will file up to 3 insurance companies per patient. Please understand that whatever health insurance you carry, the insurance company is not responsible to the physician for your bill. You are responsible to the physician, and the insurance company is responsible to you. It will be the patient' s responsibility to know what the insurance policy covers. If you have the insurance coverage, we will prepare and submit an insurance claim form to your insurance company. The form we use is one approved by the government and all major insurance companies. It should be acceptable to all insurance companies. If payment is received by us from more than one company, any overpayment will be refunded to you unless requested back by one of your insurance companies for coordination benefits. We will also file a cancer policy upon your request. 

Patient Privacy Policy

Boone Dermatology Clinic is committed to patient privacy and follows all regulations and best practices to ensure your medical information remains protected. You may review our full patient privacy policy here: Patient Privacy (PDF)

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