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A soft-foaming gel cleanser, Glycolic Renewal Cleanser effectively exfoliates skin, delivering a clear and bright complexion while removing oil, dirt, debris, and long-wear makeup. Formulated with a high concentration of glycolic acid demonstrated by a free acid value of 8%, Glycolic Renewal Cleanser dissolves cellular cohesions in skin’s uppermost layer and promotes cellular turnover. Phytic acid, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, and glycerin complement glycolic acid, promoting skin clarity and brightness while leaving skin feeling comfortable and refreshed. Glycolic Renewal Cleanser rinses without leaving a residue, refines the appearance of pores, and primes skin for corrective and professional treatments. Suitable for twice daily use.

  • Features a free acid value of 8% glycolic acid to promote cellular turnover
  • Removes long-wear makeup
  • Ideal as a complement to skin brightening and clarifying aesthetic procedures, including chemical peels
  • Non-comedogenic, paraben-, synthetic-fragrance-, dye-, alcohol-, and soap-free

Glycolic Cleanser

SKU: S2850100
  • GLYCOLIC FREE ACID VALUE: Derived from sugar cane, this fruit acid dissolves cellular cohesions to release dead and dehydrated cells. Formulated with 11.75% added glycolic acid at a pH of 3.5 to deliver a true 8% active level.

    PHYTIC ACID: Naturally present in legumes and seeds, this polyphosphate has a unique molecular structure that provides comprehensive exfoliation.

    ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF EXTRACT: Moisturizes, cools, and refreshes skin.

    GLYCERINE: An emollient and humectant that attracts water to the skin and retains moisture.

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