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A gel-based cleanser designed for aging skin prone to breakouts, LHA Cleansing Gel combines potent cleansing agents with lipo hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid exfoliators to deeply remove excess oil and makeup while decongesting pores and brightening the skin. LHA Cleansing Gel gently refines the appearance of pores, surface texture, and helps reduce breakouts.

  • Lipo hydroxy, glycolic, and salicylic acids help minimize breakouts and improve visible signs of aging
  • Effectively cleanses, exfoliates, and decongests pores
  • Refines surface texture and promotes skin clarity
  • Complements at-home cosmeceutical use
  • Paraben-, alcohol-, dye-, fragrance-, soap-, and gluten-free

LHA Cleanser Gel

SKU: S1371901
  • Lipo Hydroxy Acid: A derivative of salicylic acid that promotes even exfoliation. Enhances the performance of other exfoliating ingredients.

    Glycolic Acid: Alpha hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane, accelerates the skin’s natural exfoliation process

    Salicylic Acid: Pharmaceutical-grade beta hydroxy acid, helps dissolve sebum and cellular debris in the pores

    Glycerin: An emollient and humectant that attracts water to the skin and retains moisture.

    Sorbitol: A natural humectant that draws water to skin ’s surface and helps maintain adequate moisture levels.

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